VVS Diamond Fucious TV Interview

HIDEF NATION | February 14, 2023

Growing up in Winston-Salem as a Female Rapper: An Interview with VVS Diamond


VVS Diamond, a female rapper from Winston-Salem, NC aka The TRE4, sat down for an interview with Fucious TV, a hip-hop blog from NC. In the interview, VVS Diamond talks about her upbringing, how she got into the street life, and her experiences as a stripper. Summary provided by Hidef Nation.



At the beginning of the interview VVS Diamond thanks Fucious TV for having her and introduces herself as “the real VVS Diamond.” She also encourages her followers to follow her on Instagram.


Growing Up in Winston-Salem

When Fucious TV asks VVS Diamond about growing up in Winston-Salem, she describes her upbringing as not hard because she had a caring family who truly had great options for her. However, she chose to hang around with the wrong people and get involved in the streets. She started smoking weed at the age of 13, and by 15, she had already been to jail for a stolen vehicle. She admits to fighting and robbing, among other things that may seem wild to the at-home crowd, but she was outside foreal.  


Getting into the Streets

VVS attributes getting into the streets to the people she chose to hang around with. As she says she was around many “hood motherf**kers” and loved them, and she still does. She mentions that she’s there to push and keep going for her homie Sauxe Paxk’s legacy, a major upcoming artist who recently passed away. 



Remaining hella transparent, VVS confesses to being a stripper before her music career.  She said her mother named her after the character Diamond in “The Players Club” movie, which intrigued her. Growing up hearing that, she decided to be a stripper too.  She started stripping with her brother Mo. Although she easily made $2500 in one night, she didn’t like stripping because it took too much time and energy.  At times having to lay hands on brauds for stealing and what they call “roaching” 


No questions about it, she let Fucious know she’s an artist who writes her own lyrics.  Just that, aggressive and unapologetic.  VVS has a large number of unreleased songs, and is currently working on a mixtape called “Spinning Like Throwbacks,” which features straight throwback beats mixed with drill music. Despite facing criticism for her aggressive style, VVS Diamond is confident in her abilities and does not care what others think.  She continues by shouting out a couple artists she wouldn’t mind collaborating with.


VVS Diamond’s interview with Fucious TV provides insight into her life and experiences growing up in Winston-Salem, getting involved in the streets, and being a stripper before her music career. It’s clear that she has been through a lot, but she’s come a long way. 



Who is VVS Diamond?

VVS Diamond is a female rapper from Winston-Salem, North Carolina aka the TRE4.


What does VVS Diamond talk about in the interview with Fucious TV?

In the interview, VVS Diamond talks about her upbringing, getting into the streets, and her experiences as a stripper as well as her musical process. 


Why did VVS Diamond get involved in the streets?

VVS Diamond got involved in the streets because of the people she chose to hang around with, it was a conscious decision. 


What did VVS Diamond say about stripping?

VVS Diamond confessed to being a stripper before her music career, and although she made a lot of money, she didn’t like it because it took too much time and energy.




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