Shy Glizzy Accused Of Sexual Assault

HIDEF NATION | January 2, 2023

“White Girl” video shoot gone wrong

The girl who appeared in Shy Glizzy’s most recent music video for his 2014 hit, “White Girl,” has accused him of sexual misconduct.

On Monday, January 2, OnlyFans creator Sky Bri visited the No Jumper podcast and talked openly about her experience recording the video in December. Sky claimed to have contacted Glizzy about appearing in the “White Girl” video after the song went viral on TikTok and earned platinum certification eight years after its debut. The two had previously worked together on a picture shoot.
Sky eventually consented to participate in the video despite Shy Glizzy pleading to reduce her fee from $5,000 to $3,000 because she had previously loved the song. She also said that during their previous session, she had no problems with Glizzy, but that this one apparently went quite differently.

What She Remembers

Sky Bri stated “He was just the whole day trying to flirt with me or pull me to the side to talk to me,” Sky began. “His personality that day was just weird. He was just being sketchy.”  Not to mention she says he tried to get her high on a drug she didn’t recognize. “When it got dark out, he cornered me in the kitchen with his little posse and convinced me to do this pill. And I don’t know what the pill was. I said ‘no’ a million times. Eventually, I was like, ‘Okay, whatever.’”
“I was getting ready to leave and he comes in and he pulls me onto the bed and I look down and his dick is out,” Sky stated. “And he’s like, ‘Suck it.’ And I said no and he’s like, ‘Lick it,’ and I said no and he said, ‘Then you’re fine with not getting paid?’ And I said yeah and I just got up and went downstairs and got the director.”


Sky claims that although the director Whipalo made sure she arrived home safely, she never received payment. Regardless of how the politics of the shoot played out, Sky’s happy with the work she produced.

Sky Bri claims Shy Glizzy contacted her over the weekend after she criticized him on TikTok for failing to pay her, but she chose not to reply.



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