In a recent room in Clubhouse rapper Trick Daddy speaks his opinion about Beyonce and Jay Z.   He claims his godmother taught her, as well as her music being pretty much mediocre.  He said “Beyonce don’t write music and barely can sing her m****n self.”…”Beyonce is to RnB what Jay-Z is to NY, that’s why they together.  Jay-Z never won the best rapper alive”.  Some may call it shade, then there’s those who call it honesty.


Now the hounds have been unleashed because Trick Daddy is trending at the moment due to Beyonce supporters taking to the internet to voice their support for Beyonce.  In the cancel culture, we see today, anybody could be ousted by providing their opinion or delivering their message without first thinking what if.  We should remember these platforms are literally stages, and any digital exchange could be recorded and used for other purposes.  Did Trick have a point or was he reaching is the real question.  Is what he said about NY needing a savior so they turned to Jay-Z when BIG died hold any validity?







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