Natalie Finally Lays Paws On Tommie

HIDEF NATION | February 26, 2023

After months of anticipation and trash talk, Natalie Nunn and Tommie Lee have finally faced off in the boxing ring. The two reality TV stars went head-to-head on the undercard of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Aaron Chalmers fight at The O2 Arena in London, England, in what was one of the most highly anticipated events of the year.

Reality TV star Lee faced off against boxer Nunn in a highly publicized boxing match. However, the match was completely one-sided with Nunn dominating Lee from start to finish[1]. Despite Lee’s attempt to sprint down to the ring for the bout, she failed to defend herself and was ultimately beaten by Nunn. The tension between the two had been rising all week, culminating in a scrap at a press conference on Monday[1]. The event was also overshadowed by the lack of fans in the arena, with large swaths of empty seats[1].


The Buildup to the Match

Tension had been rising between Nunn and Lee all week before the match. A fight broke out at a press conference on Monday, leading to Lee being escorted out of the room[1]. On Wednesday, Lee walked out of another press conference when Nunn was asked how the two were friends and enemies at the same time. This prompted Nunn to call Lee out on stage[1].

The Match

Lee failed to defend herself during the match, with Nunn dominating her from the start[1]. Lee’s corner failed to vacate the ring between rounds, leading to the referee threatening to disqualify her[1]. The match was ultimately ended early in round two, with Nunn being declared the winner[1].

The Lack of Fans

The event was overshadowed by the lack of fans in the arena, with the top tier of the 20,000-seat arena in London being completely shut off and large swaths of empty seats elsewhere[1]. This lack of fans likely impacted the atmosphere of the event and may have contributed to Lee’s poor performance.


Reality TV is no stranger to drama, but few moments have caused as much of a stir as when Tommie Lee got beat up by Natalie Nunn on an episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars”. The incident, which aired on television in 2018, left viewers shocked and divided, with some calling it a case of self-defense and others labeling it as an unnecessary act of violence. That infamous moment from 2018 led to this boxing match


Overall, Nunn’s dominant performance against Lee in their boxing match highlights the importance of preparation and training in sports. Despite the tension between the two leading up to the match, Nunn was able to stay focused and come out on top. Additionally, the lack of fans in the arena likely impacted the atmosphere of the event and may have contributed to Lee’s poor performance.





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