Ja Morant: A Shooting Star or A Loose Cannon? The Controversy of an NBA Player’s Off-court Gun Display

HIDEF NATION | May 16, 2023


It’s often said, “actions speak louder than words.” In the world of sports, where high-profile athletes are constantly under the public eye, this adage holds even more weight. One such athlete who’s been making waves, not so much for his gameplay but his off-court antics, is Ja Morant. He’s got the skills to pay the bills on the court, but his recent social media posts showcasing firearms are leading him into a whirlwind of controversy [1].

Ja Morant Still Showing off Guns

The Controversial Posts

Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies’ star player, has a knack for stirring up the pot. His latest social media posts involve displaying firearms, which has landed him in hot water with the public and the NBA. Despite the backlash, Morant seems to be unfazed, continuing to show off his guns online [1].

The Impact on Endorsements

So far, Morant’s controversial posts have not hit his pocket as his endorsement deals remain intact. However, his public relations image has taken a significant hit, and these endorsements could be jeopardized any day, pending the outcome of an NBA investigation [1].

Ja Morant: A Season of Drama

Off-Court Controversies

This isn’t the first time Morant has courted controversy. The 2022/23 NBA season has been fraught with drama for the star player, who’s been involved in multiple off-court incidents, leading to a suspension [2].

Prior Incidents

The season has been riddled with incidents involving Morant, ranging from punching a teenager to threatening a security guard, among other things [3].

The NBA Investigation

What’s at Stake?

Morant finds himself in limbo as he awaits the outcome of another NBA investigation. This could result in serious consequences, potentially affecting his basketball career [1].

A Ticking Clock

The clock is ticking for Morant. With a pending investigation and his public image on the line, his off-court decisions could have far-reaching effects on his basketball career [1].


  1. **What is the controversy involving JaMorant?**Ja Morant, the star player of the Memphis Grizzlies, has been involved in several off-court controversies, the most recent being his display of firearms on social media [1].
    1. Has Ja Morant lost his endorsement deals due to these controversies?

    As of now, Morant still has his endorsement deals. However, this might change pending the outcome of an ongoing NBA investigation [1].

    1. What other incidents has Morant been involved in during the 2022/23 NBA season?

    Ja Morant’s season has been marked with several incidents including punching a teenager and threatening a security guard, among other things [3].

    1. Has Ja Morant been suspended for his actions?

    Yes, Ja Morant has been suspended at least once for his off-court controversies [2].

    1. What could be the implications of the NBA investigation for Morant?

    The NBA investigation could have serious implications for Morant, potentially affecting his basketball career and endorsement deals [1].

    1. Is Ja Morant still showing off guns on social media?

    As per the latest reports, despite the ongoing NBA investigation and public backlash, Ja Morant has continued to display guns on his social media platforms [1].


    In a world where public figures are under constant scrutiny, their off-court actions can often overshadow their professional accomplishments. Ja Morant’s case is no exception. His recurrent display of firearms on social media has landed him in a web of controversies, with a potential impact on his career and endorsement deals. As the NBA investigation unfolds, it’s clear that the stakes are high for this talented yet controversial figure.

    Only time will tell whether Morant’s off-court decisions will overshadow his on-court prowess, or if he’ll manage to steer clear of future controversies and let his game do the talking.



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