Cardi B Complains About Prices After Claiming “Rich”

HIDEF NATION | January 4, 2023

Even With A 40 million Dollar Net Worth?

Despite stating she is worth more than $40 million in the past, Cardi B has a beef with the current cost of living.

In response to a fan in December who claimed she has a current net worth of $40 million, the Bronx-born rapper not only corrected them but also emphasized how precarious her financial situation is.
“I’m worth more then that and guess what ? If I don’t save , work and budget I could lose it too!” she wrote back on Twitter. “What makes you think that no matter how much money you got you can’t lose it all if you don’t manage your money correctly. I too have bills, responsibilities and people I have to help.”

Groceries Getting Out Of Control

Cardi appeared to be experiencing the same concern over money as the rest of us and expressed shock at the soaring cost of fresh produce during a recent trip to the grocery store.
“Naaaaaa grocery shopping prices are ridiculous right now You might as well eat outside !!” the “Tomorrow 2” rapper tweeted on Tuesday (January 3). “Bitch why lettuce cost 6 dollars where I live at?”

This proves that even celebs are affected by the economic pressures we all face. Just a year ago, the North Carolina artist Toosie was complaining about the high cost of gas and downgrading his vehicle. Stories like these remind us that we are not the only ones going through financial difficulties in these hard times. Leave a comment below



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